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You have Mission…a Vision
               …But do you have a recognizable brand?


Ideen is a company that brands your mission. We ensure your stakeholders understand who you are, what you do, and why it matters.

Ideen gets it – your organization is about service and passion. You want to focus on your mission and let someone else worry about the marketing.

Ideen takes your strategic communications to the next level. We partner with our clients to create a recognizable brand that all stakeholders can easily understand and support.  You call them to action -- and they act.

We are results driven. We raise awareness, build relationships, and spread the word about your mission. We engage your stakeholders.

We, too, are mission driven and take pride in our work with the US Government, small businesses, and nonprofits.

Let Ideen help brand your mission. Let's get started.  Contact us.


What's in a name?

When Michelle Ham needed to name her new nonprofit, she came to Ideen for help.  After honing the nonprofit's mission and walking Michelle through a branding exercise, we helped Michelle with her choice: "Higher Orbits."  Michelle's nonprofit uses space to excite and educate people about STEM -- Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  She also uses STEM to teach leadership and team building.

We were honored that Michelle chose Ideen to help her with this most important task of branding her mission.

You can follow @HigherOrbits on Twitter or learn more at


Latest News

Web Moxie just launched their new brand...and Ideen was there to help.  We worked closely with Web Moxie to help them shape their voice and messages.  Read more about the project at our blog.

Contact us to schedule a discussion about your brand.

What’s New at Ideen

  • We'll be presenting our findings on small business and nonprofit use of LinkedIn at the American Marketing Association's Winter Conference in February!
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